The Cycling & Coffee Connection

The Cycling & Coffee Connection

“A bicycle is my vehicle and coffee is my fuel”- Honoré de Balzac

Traveling around-the-world with my bicycle, I've had the pleasure of experiencing many different coffee cultures, farmers, brands & roasts. Arriving back home, I've searched for the aromas and experiences that I've enjoyed on my travels. After decades of cycling, travel and coffee, I've created special roasts that remind me of my favorite experiences, and I think you will enjoy them. I invite you to experience the aroma, the flavor, and of course, the fuel of my very special freshly roasted coffee. You'll immediately notice the difference between typical premium coffee (which looses flavor after aging in a commercial supply chain), and the TARMACANDIRT farm direct coffee that arrives to you freshly roasted. Cycling and coffee make the perfect pair. Explore a city on a bicycle and discover the perfect coffee shop, cycle to exhaustion, focused and painful suffering, or cycle leisurely, taking in your surroundings. The thought of beginning, ending or interrupting your journey with coffee is part of cycling. Photo (left/ above): With Dean Gestal, former Reynolds Cycling CEO and Rwandan National Cycling Team. 

Cycling and coffee have a symbiotic relationship. The growth of the cycling and coffee cultures have happened simultaneously. Take a look around, and you won’t have to look far to find coffee and bicycles together everywhere- in a branding logo, as part of a cycling routine for a team or a recreational group, even on the continent of Africa where bicycles are not only used by coffee farmers, but cycling has become a national sport for many African Nations such as Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania. Cycling and coffee are both experiential and inspirational, Christoper Morley said, “The bicycle, the bicycle surely, should always be the vehicle of novelists and poets.”  Photo (right/ above): At Tour of Rwanda, part of the UCI Africa Tour as a wheel sponsor of the Rwandan National Cycling Team/ Africa Rising.

Not only is coffee a great drink, but it can improve athletic and cognitive performance, and findings from an August 2018 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA, a peer-reviewed medical journal) report suggests coffee drinking is associated with a longer life span.

Paul Lew"Bicycles make friends"