Markus Storck, Founder Storck Bicycles

Markus Storck, Founder Storck Bicycles

Photo: Left-to-Right, Paul Lew, Helena Storck, Markus Storck at Las Vegas Interbike.

I've been planning to write about Markus Storck since I started There is no compliment or accolade that I can offer that hasn't been offered by others when it comes to Markus' prolific career. But, because I have this forum, I decided to use it to put in writing my tremendous respect for a long-time friend and respected colleague, Markus Storck.

It was April 2007, I had just launched my 880 gram PRO VT-1 Wheelset, and I received an inquiry from Markus to purchase the wheelset as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) supplier to his flagship bicycle model. What began as a customer and supplier relationship, grew into a personal friendship. Markus is an exceptional design engineer, full-stop. He understands cycling and design in a way that few others can, and he fearlessly expresses his skill. There's no engineering challenge that will elude him, and every line or radius improves after he's put his hand to it.

Over the years, I've owned and immensely enjoyed cycling on Markus' bicycles, and Markus and his wife, Helena, have become good friends of mine. We've shared many professional and personal experiences, and I've become a better designer and engineer because of my relationship with Markus.

I've gone through the design process with Markus on multiple projects, and it's always personal for him, and that's unique in the world of mass-produced, follow-the-trend design that has inundated in the cycling industry. What you should know is that when you own a Storck bicycle, you don't own a design that was created by a hired engineer working for a corporation, you own a personal masterpiece full of passion, creativity, and function packaged in the form of ultimate performance. 

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